About Us

I.D.E.A. Studios is an ethical vegan brand on a mission to help end animal suffering. We believe in making ethical, sustainable streetwear that doesn’t exploit humans or animals. We want to spread the message of animal rights across the globe by creating clothes that you’ll absolutely love to wear. 

I.D.E.A. is an acronym for ‘I don’t eat animals’ - a statement that has never been more important to put forward into the world. After all, one simple idea can change everything, and the idea that animals are not ours to exploit, use and murder for our own benefit has the power to radically transform our planet for the better.

Non-human animals should never have to suffer for the clothing we wear - and that’s why all I.D.E.A. products are 100% vegan. You won’t find any animal products or derivatives in our clothes, including within our inks, which are all entirely vegan.

I.D.E.A. Studios supports the work of Ed Winters on his mission to educate globally. We hope you enjoy wearing our clothes as much as we enjoyed designing them.

With Gratitude & Love, 

I.D.E.A. Studios + Ed Winters